On October 20, 2021 Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $66,974.77 thanks to a breakthrough regulatory change, but that’s nothing compared to what’s coming next, because:

A Landmark Announcement By January 2, 2022 Marks The Day Over $6.6 TRILLION Dollars Could “Unlock” And Begin Pouring Into Bitcoin…

And Today, We Are Offering You The Chance To Trade This Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity And Potentially Create A Fortune WITHOUT The Catastrophic Risks Other Traders Are Taking.

What you're about to see is nothing short of the greatest trading opportunity of the next few years...

... maybe even the next decade.

And please understand: If you've never owned Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency before, it doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a clue how to buy a cryptocurrency...

It doesn't matter if right now you don't know what exchanges and trading platforms you'd need to trade cryptocurrencies.

You'll see why in a moment.

What DOES matter right now is that anyone who chooses to participate in what I'm about to show you will certainly remember this as one of the greatest rides of their trading career.

It's estimated that over 100,000 people have become new millionaires from Bitcoin alone in the past few years.

Add in other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and that number likely grows to over 150,000.

And that number is growing by the day.

Imagine that...

Imagine an asset class that didn't exist over 10 years ago turning the entire population of Kansas City, Kansas into millionaires in a few short years.

But as spectacular as that is...

I believe what you're about to see today is even crazier.

In a moment, I'll reveal the automated trading model we've created to help you capture a tremendous and life-changing amount of this "wild" upside... without the pain from the "wild" dips.

And you'll see the extraordinary measures we've taken in order to help you become confident that this is something you can do for yourself too.

Oh, and I should mention, we are fully invested in this ourselves.

We personally use every product we create...

I have to say, there is more excitement around this opportunity inside our company than anything we've done in the past several years.

Again, you'll see why in just a minute.

But first, in case you hadn't realized, I need to show you just how astounding this trading opportunity is...

And why NOW may be the best time in the history of cryptocurrency to get started.

Consider this...

Bitcoin has been the best performing asset of the past decade by over 1,000%...

Over the past 10 years, even during the longest bull run in US market history, Bitcoin (BTC) has beaten out everything else by at least a factor of 10.

And it wasn't just the early adopters who've made a killing.

Take, for instance, the performance of BTC against the S&P 500 in 2021 alone…

Then contrast the price of BTC against Commodities over the past year…

Finally... consider how, even in a year of market uncertainty and creeping inflation, BTC absolutely stomped the traditional "flight to safety" favorite Gold…

In real money terms, if you'd put a modest $10,000 into BTC as late as January of 2017, you'd be sitting on nearly $653,033 today... a stunning 6,430.10% gain.

But if you think that's impressive...

Then please pay attention to what I'm about to tell you.

Because despite being the best performing asset class of the past decade...

And creating a vast new generation of multi-millionaires in the process...

BTC is far from done.

And you won't believe what's coming next.

In fact, you may have already seen the headlines hinting at what's going to drive the next great crypto boom.

Like this article from NASDAQ.com on October 20, 2021 that read:

In short, this single story marks the moment where everything begins to change for BTC and other crypto coins.

Here's the thing. Major institutions have spent years waiting for a "vote of confidence" from the SEC and other regulatory entities...

... and the day has finally come.

It's hard to understate how massive this will be for crypto markets.

You see:

Ongoing regulatory changes are on the verge of unlocking a tsunami of previously "off-limits" institutional cash.

And the minute these changes take place, up to $6.6 TRILLION dollars could unlock - driving BTC and other cryptocurrencies to unimaginable prices.

In the past month ProShares Bitcoin Futures Strategy ETF ($BITO), the first bitcoin-linked exchange-traded fund in the U.S., became the fastest ETF ever to reach the $1 billion mark in assets under management... and helped catapult BTC to a record high within 24 hours.

And industry giant ProShares isn't alone...

Just 3 days after $BITO shattered funding records, Valkyrie launched their Bitcoin Futures Strategy ETF.

VanEck, Invesco and dozens of others are lined up to potentially receive listing approval in the coming weeks too.

And this is just the warm up.

You see the ProShares ETF invests in bitcoin futures contracts, rather than actual BTC.

So although it's a long awaited "trust" signal into the legitimacy of BTC, this fund isn't actually buying BTC at spot prices and holding the asset, limiting how much it can affect the price of BTC in the long term.

But January 2, 2022 could be the tipping point for BTC - with some experts predicting future prices as high as $500,000+ in a few short years.

That's the estimated day that $46.1 billion dollar digital investment firm Grayscale could receive approval to list the first ever spot BTC ETF.

Finally allowing institutional investors direct exposure to the spot price of BTC will create a buying frenzy that $50 billion dollar ARK Investment CEO Cathie Wood speculates could send BTC north of $500,000 in short order.

And Grayscale may be the first, but they certainly won't be the last to come to market with something like this.

But that's STILL not all.

Remember, this is happening across the entire world.

A recent study from crypto markets research group Chainalysis found that global adoption of BTC and other crypto coins has gone parabolic in 2021.

So although what's happening in US markets today is truly monumental... we aren't the only ones driving up the price of BTC.

In fact, the US is (cautiously) late to the party.

Several other countries including:

  • Canada...
  • Australia...
  • France...
  • Brazil...
  • And a Pan-European Equity Exchange...

They've all already approved and listed various ETFs and other regulated investment vehicles earlier this year.

Earlier I said anyone who chooses to participate in this will surely remember this as one of the wildest rides of their trading career.

I'm not alone in believing this...

Legendary billionaire investors like George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones are in.

So are current Wall Street stars Cathie Wood and the world's new richest man Elon Musk.

And don't forget the 150,000+ new millionaires recently created by the rise of crypto.

But before we go on I have to warn you, I'm NOT recommending you simply buy and hold BTC or any other cryptocurrency today.

Remember, earlier I told you that even though what's happening in crypto right now is thrilling (to say the least)...

And even though we are standing at the edge of what could be the catalyst that sends BTC up as high as $500,000 or more...

That's NOT what has me excited today.

Because my partners and I here at MarketGauge have spent the past 6 months developing an automated trading model we're calling "CryptoPulse Quant".

And we're confident it will allow traders like you to do better than anyone that's just investing into cryptocurrencies or attempting to trade these markets by themselves.

Far, far better.

Let me show you...

The Extraordinary Profits From BTC Pale In Comparison To The 67,458% Gains "CryptoPulse Quant" Has Produced Since 2017...

I'm serious...

Take the example I gave you earlier.

$10,000 into BTC on January 1, 2017 would have grown into nearly $653,033 today... a stunning 6,430.10% gain.

But consider if you'd had access to "CryptoPulse Quant" on January 1, 2017.

That same $10,000 could have grown - not into just a "stunning $653,033" - but a STAGGERING $6,755,777 today!

Here's a chart showing the backtest results of "CryptoPulse Quant" vs. BTC over this time period.

It's not even close!

You'll see the full details of this incredible new trading model in just a second...

Quant vs BTC 2017 to Present

But before I reveal this, and show you how you could become a part of it today...

I need to tell you one of few "secrets" allowing us to bank these incredible gains.

So far we've focused on Bitcoin... and for good reason.

As the "original" cryptocurrency it still receives the lion's share of media attention and institutional interest.

But - and here's the crazy part - Bitcoin isn't even close to the best performing cryptocurrency of the past few years.

So here's the first secret to "CryptoPulse Quants" extraordinary gains... we DON'T just trade BTC.

And a quick glance at the chart below will tell you why...

As the chart above illustrates, there are actually 6 coins in the "CryptoPulse Quant" trading model dramatically outperforming BTC's 6,190% return since 2017.


  • Cardano (ADA) up 7,994% since 2017...
  • Chainlink (LINK) up 16,939% since 2017...
  • Steller (XLM) up 14,802% since 2017...
  • Ripple (XRP) up 17,752% since 2017...
  • Solana (SOL) up 26,486% since 2017...
  • Ethereum (ETH) up 47,160% since 2017...

So it should be no surprise that some of our crypto trading models' best trades have come from coins other than BTC.

Like the 300% gain you could have banked in just 62 days from ETH...

Or the 345% gain you could have collected in just 28 days from XRP...

Or what about the 563% gain you could have earned in 79 days from DASH...

Then there's what happened last spring when you could have banked a 300% gain in 72 days from DOT...

And again, just a few months ago when you could have collected another 200% gain in just 37 days from SOL...

And dozens upon dozens of other notable wins I can't list here.

Now what's really impressive is that even though Bitcoin is the best performing asset of the past decade...

And even though the 6 coins I just showed you blew Bitcoin away over the past few years...

Our "CryptoPulse Quant" trading model still did significantly better than any of them, by over 10,000 percentage points!

See for yourself...

How we choose from over 13,604(!) coins to trade.

If you've been paying attention to the crypto market over the past few years, or even just the past few months, you may notice which coins we AREN'T listing in the chart above.

Listen, there are more than a few coins around today with recent gains that are hard to believe.

But - and please pay attention - we will NEVER trade coins that don't meet our strict rules-based selection criteria.

For an idea of why we are purposefully ignoring some of the coins with 200,000%+ gains look no further than this recent headline:

The answer in short: No, not really.

And the reason behind this is simply a matter of liquidity, or lack of liquidity in this case!

Although there are plenty of short-term coins showing astronomical gains... all too many of them lack the liquidity for traders to reasonably expect they could cash out with those gains, much less trade in and out of it.

So, as I said before, we will NEVER trade coins that fail to meet our strict rules-based selection criteria.

And chief among our rules is that we require the coins we trade to have already proven they can reach a vital market-cap threshold and be liquid enough to trade...

We then require that any coin we are considering meet several other crucial qualifying data points.

This vetting process cuts out over 99% of all existing cryptocurrencies...

Leaving us with only a select few of the most tradeable opportunities...

Allowing the "CryptoPulse Quant" model to hand deliver the trade results you just saw above.

Now, even with this mind-boggling performance and all of these incredible trades… I have to tell you, we don’t win 'em all.

After all, crypto is the most volatile market we’ve ever seen.

With the wildest swings - both up and down - of any tradable asset class on Earth.

You’ve already seen how big the up swings can be…

So I have to tell you about the down swings too.

  • Like in May of 2021 when BTC saw 53% of it’s value erased in a single week.
  • Or the single day 20.07% drop in ETH in January 2021…
  • Then there’s the 97% drawdown ADA suffered in 2018…
  • And the 82.6% drawdown in BTC in 2019...
  • Not to mention the whiplash volatility that can occur on a daily basis.

But to be clear, none of this worries me.

It shouldn't worry you either...

And here’s why: MarketGauge's entire business was built around the strictest risk management in the industry.

In short - we don’t like to lose money and we don’t like our members to lose money…

And over the last 8 years of providing real-time model based trade recommendations, NO MODEL we've built has lost in the long term.

Think about that.

I’ll show you exactly how we do it in just a second.

Before I do though, let me re-introduce myself and my partners.

You see, risk management is in our blood.

If you don't know MarketGauge yet... My name is Geoff Bysshe. My partners and I have spent the past 35 years trading every market condition imaginable.

You probably have some idea in your head what it was like to be a floor trader on Wall Street in the late 70's, throughout the 80's and into the early 90's...

The thrilling frenzy of hundreds of traders moving billions of dollars around, red faced screaming out orders to buy and sell.

We lived it all...

Trading our own money, watching some traders become multi-millionaire legends and too many others going broke.

Learning from the sharks, innovating our own strategies, surviving some of the most brutal market declines... and riding some of the greatest bull markets of all time.

My founding partners, Keith and Michelle Schneider, and I are some of the last traders to ever experience old school Wall Street trading in it's heyday.

Remember, unlike many pit traders who were bankrolled with near bottomless deep pockets... we were trading our own money.

Meaning if we weren't careful, we could get wiped out.

And we'd be done.

But that never happened.

Out of instinct and practice we developed a strictly calculated approach to managing our trading risk.

And it's helped shape each of us as individual traders, and now all together as a company.

But the trading floor isn't our only trading experience...

We've also managed money for giant hedge funds, at one point sharing offices next to Ray Dalio and Bridgewater and then later running money for Millennium Partners.

That's another place you absolutely don't want to lose money!

Name nearly any corner of investing and trading... we've been there.

But here's the thing: we don't trade on the floor anymore...

We don't work for multi-billion dollar hedge funds...

We don't work for Wall Street...

For over a decade now, we've worked for you...

Our mission is to take everything we've learned over a 35 year career in some of the wildest parts of finance, put it all into easy to follow automated systems - and give it all to individual traders like you so you can grow your accounts quickly, without fear of losing.

Now you may be thinking, "Ok - I respect your long history in the stock market, your trading ability and the value of your disciplined risk management... but honestly, what do you "grey-hairs" know about crypto?"

And the truth is, aside from following the news around crypto over the past several years, there was a time when we didn't know much... and we missed the great crypto boom of 2017.

When I say "we", I mean the founding partners of MarketGauge.

But MarketGauge is much bigger than the 3 of us who started it.

And we are lucky to be surrounded by a new generation of young traders, programmers, and leaders who've been using, investing in and trading crypto on their own since at least 2017.

Better still, they've been winning. Even without the help of our fully developed trading models.

I can't believe some of the stories they have and I kick myself for not acting sooner.

However, we all have stories about a trend or a trade we missed, and at this point I'm glad we took the time to get this right.

In summary: We've combined the "gray haired" trading wisdom that Keith, Michelle and I have accumulated over the past few decades with the crypto market expertise of our younger team... and packaged it all up in our battle-tested automated trading model system.

Giving you the best of both worlds.

But can we really manage risk in a market as crazy as crypto?

We can...

Let me prove it to you.

"CryptoPulse Quant" avoids the worst of the violent "account crushing" drawdowns plaguing every other crypto investor... and compounds our gains by reinvesting when the trends turn bullish.

In case you don't know exactly what I mean by a "drawdown"...

It's simply any time that the value of your account goes down due to the loss in value of the asset you're holding.

And if you are always in the market then no matter how skilled a trader you are, it's going to happen regularly.

Even more - if you're always in the market holding crypto - it's going to happen regularly and tragically!

Remember, crypto is one of the quickest moving markets in the world. And, so far, we haven't seen any trading model that's able to keep up with the volatility and mitigate your risk...

... It simply didn't exist...

... Until we created one for ourselves.

Here's the thing: Our "CryptoPulse Quant" trading model sends out alerts as soon as it senses an impending downturn.

It sends the "sell" alert to you via text and email and let's you get out of the trade and preserve your cash.

Leaving you in the ideal spot to re-invest when the model finds a new bullish buying opportunity.

And that's all fine to say - but remember earlier I showed you a chart contrasting a hypothetical $10,000 trading account in "CryptoPulse Quant" against BTC since 2017.

Our trading model's $6,4755,777 smashed the $653,033 you could have taken from BTC.

But so that you can fully appreciate how incredibly valuable our risk management is... I believe you need to see exactly how this would have played out in real life.

Let me show you what I mean...

Even during the bull market that made Bitcoin a household name, the "CryptoPulse Quant" models gains eclipsed the spectacular run in BTC.

And any trader with access to this would have been off to a significant head start.

Consider the difference between an initial $10,000 becoming $233,489 with "CryptoPulse Quant" vs only $172,501 in BTC.

Following the roaring bull market of 2017, Bitcoin fell hard, losing a stomach churning 80%. 

The "CryptoPulse Quant" model took a hit as well. However it only lost about half in the same time period, down 45%.

Your $233,489 in "CryptoPulse Quant" would have dipped down to $128,471 while your $172,501 in BTC would have been slashed all the way back down to $33,645.

Dec. 2017 - Dec. 2018 Bear Market

The next bullish signal came on a milder bounce.

And please note - this is the only time period where BTC beat the "CryptoPulse Quant" model. I want to be clear about this.

Because during this time period your $128,471 would have become $297,565.

And the BTC portfolio starting at $33,645 would have only grown to $135,060.

But wait until you see what happened next...

2018-19 Bull Market

The bear market of 2019 slashed any upside BTC had gained, losing half its value and taking the $135,060 account all the way back down to $64,320.

But the "CryptoPulse Quant" model did exactly what is was built to do and let traders escape with only a 16% drawdown...

Seeing your $297,565 decline slightly down to $249,848.

2019-20 Bear Market

The next bull surge saw both "CryptoPulse Quant" and BTC make impressive gains, up 1,015% and 924% respectively.

And this is where you can really start to appreciate our capital-preserving risk management.

Because by starting off with a robust $249,848 - the "CryptoPulse Quant" account blew up to a staggering $2,785,336.

And BTC's gains, while plenty impressive, just didn't compare due to its previous losses... it's $64,320 became $658,927.

2020 Bull Market

And if the last example didn't get the point across, then take a look at this.

Because the next bearish cycle was yet another brutal blow with BTC again losing half its value.

$658,927 became $309,288.

While the "CryptoPulse Quant" model performed heroically - only losing 8%.

Dropping the $2,785,366 account value down slightly to $2,564,337.

2021 Bear Market

And finally, in the most recent crypto bull run, the "CryptoPulse Quant" model ran up 163% and put an impossible gap between it and BTC.

Taking the $2,564,337 you were left with previously up to a mind-blowing $6,755,777.

While the BTC account simply never had a chance after suffering so many huge losses... and even after a 111% gain ended up at only $653,033.

2021 Bull Market

So now you know the secrets behind "CryptoPulse Quant's" staggering 67,458% gains since 2017.

  • Even though BTC has been the best performing asset of the past 10 years by 1,000%, there are multiple coins doing even better than BTC in more recent timeframes... and we trade only the most proven of them. Better still, our trading model is consistently (far) better performing than even the best performing coin at any given time.
  • Crypto is the most volatile asset class on Earth and if you want exposure to the stratospheric highs... then you have to accept the crashing lows too. At least that's how it used to be until today. Because our smart, fully automated risk management protects you from the worst parts of every drawdown by a significant margin.

Meaning we always make more, and we always lose less.

But we actually have one last "secret"...

And this secret has nothing to do with the "CryptoPulse Quant" trading model.

This secret is about you...

More specifically, it's about the extra care we've put into this product FOR you.

You see...

We recognize Crypto is a new and potentially intimidating market to get started in.

So we're taking extraordinary measures in order to make sure you know today, right now, that you CAN make these trades with confidence.

We have every aspect of this opportunity covered for you.

Because we also recognize that you probably don't want to go another year watching another 100,000 new crypto millionaires created out of thin air while you sit on the sidelines.

We all have stories about the time we "almost got into crypto" at some point in the past but didn't...

... and we all know how much we could have made if we'd just pulled the trigger.

But, again, for many this is a new market.

  • Where's the safest place to buy crypto?
  • Where do I keep it?
  • What accounts do I need to open and where?
  • Is it even tradeable and if so, how do I place my orders?

It's an unfamiliar asset class that for many years seemed like a fad, or felt too confusing, or appeared too volatile or even looked like an outright scam!

So too many of us sat by, watching and waiting.

And just kept trading what we already knew, what we were comfortable with.

But today, all of that can change for you.

You don't have to worry.

"CryptoPulse Quant" was designed to help make the unfamiliar, familiar...

It was designed to keep you comfortable...

And to keep you profitable, no matter what.

This is the moment we've been building up to all year...

We've left no stone unturned in an exhaustive effort to create something we knew would finally "crack the code" in order to make extraordinary crypto profits - while keeping our accounts safe.

And only once we became satisfied that we'd created something indispensable for our own trading did we decide to offer it to you

We've dedicated over 6 months of our team's time to this...

Spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in development..

And even expanded our team to include a dedicated in-house crypto market pro.

We aren't taking any chances here.

We've created strict rules around which cryptocurrencies we deal with.

We've taken new and extraordinary measures around the new member experience in order to ensure "CryptoPulse Quant" is the most user friendly way for you to play this opportunity.

And of course we'll never leave you to figure any of this out on your own, we'll be here to guide you the entire time.

In short: We are going all in on this.

And now, if you want, you can join us.

We can't wait to share this with you.

So, if you are at all interested, please pay attention.

Because we want this to be an easy decision for you, we've created what has to be the most compelling offer in the history of our company.

Read on for the full details...

Here's your invitation to join "CryptoPulse Quant" with a one-time-only 50% off charter membership offer...

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You'll be notified via text and email every time the model produces an easy to follow buy or sell signal for any coin in our portfolio. You'll always know exactly what to do.


Keeping you up to date on everything happening in the "CryptoPulse Quant" model and offering insights into the market, as well as a reserved Q&A portion where you can interact with us live.


So you know you are never doing this alone. We pride ourselves on quick and comprehensive support. No question will ever go unanswered.



If our CryptoPulse Quant Trading System has not produced a positive return in your first year of being a member, then the next year is free!

Plus over $3,270 worth of exclusive launch bonuses.


We've never offered this level of service before! After finalizing your membership you'll be given a link to schedule a one-on-one call with our in house crypto expert to use anytime during your membership.


In this special webinar we'll go live to show you how to set up your crypto accounts and even make a few trades on camera so you can see how it's done. Recordings will be made available too.


Yet another bonus we created for you to make sure you have every resource you could need in order to feel confident in setting up your new crypto trading accounts. With easy to follow step by step instructions.


We are going all in on crypto with a second product "Crypto Pulse". Others will have to pay $997 when it's released in 2 months. But you don't have to wait - or pay. It's yours free with your "CryptoPulse Quant" membership.

After November 21, 2021 the price for a 1-year subscription to "CryptoPulse Quant" will be $2,997.

For the over the top value we're including, we consider $2,997 a steal.

And considering the profit potential members will enjoy, we have no doubt we'll make many traders happy at that price point.

Like on August 15th when every "CryptoPulse Quant" member would have been notified by text and email to a "buy" alert for SOL at around $46... and 37 days later received the "sell" alert when SOL had popped up to as high as $142.

And collected a 200% profit.

Without staying glued to their chair...

... or worrying over keeping track of 13,604+ different coins...

... or second guessing their entries and exits.

They could have trusted the "CryptoPulse Quant" model to tell them what to buy, when to buy it, what price to buy it at and when to sell... the exact same way we do.

Over and over again.

  • Like the 300% profit from DOT...
  • The 75% profit from EOS...
  • 80% profit from BCH...
  • 120% profit from ETH...
  • 80% profit from DASH...
  • 84% profit from BCH...
  • 345% profit from XRP...
  • 80% profit from EOS...
  • 120% profit from BCH...
  • 75% profit from EOS...
  • 300% profit from DOT...
  • and the 563% profit from DASH...

Anyone with access to "CryptoPulse Quant" could have made these trades.

Now it's your turn.

Again, $2,997 seems like a bargain to get trades like this handed to you month after month.

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We want you to know this is real, and that "CryptoPulse Quant" is backed by people who care.

Oh, and you should know that Rob has been personally involved in crypto for years!

So please, if you are on the fence about this at all - don't hesitate to call and speak with us.

We are standing by to help answer any question you may have.

$1,497 is the best price we will ever offer for "CryptoPulse Quant"...

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It doesn't matter if you've never bought a single cryptocurrency...

We stand by the amazing potential of "CryptoPulse Quant" to hand deliver you profitable trades that you'll be comfortable with for as long as you decide to stay a member.

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