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The Big View Gauge, Charts & Analysis Enable You To:

  • Quickly know whether to be bullish or bearish on U.S. stocks.
  • Identify strongest most persistent market trends. 
  • Anticipate market inflection points that lead to big moves.
  • Profit from many different asset classes including countries, sectors, commodities, and currencies. 
  • See market trends and forces that other traders can’t see.
  • And much more.  

Market Gauge’s Big View provides you with a daily comprehensive, top-down approach to markets that gives you a “Global Macro” view of the factors and financial instruments that influence markets.

You’ll have access to proprietary charts that keep you ahead of the trends in the market’s breadth, interest rates, sentiment, sectors, global markets and more.  

Plus, our easy to read Risk On/Off gauge boils down the most important market indicators into a simple answer to the question every trader wants to know...

This Big View Gauge enables you to determine whether you should be bullish or bearish on U.S. stocks in seconds without any complicated market analysis.  

Look At How The Gauge Anticipates The Trend!

Every day Big View updates the gauge you see on the left to tell you the condition of the trend of the S&P 500 index. 

In the chart below you can see what color the gauge has displayed in the past. 

As you can see it has been incredibly good at keeping you in the trend when it's bullish, and enabled you to avoid the major declines! 

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